Keep the contest applications coming!

UNICORN partners are in for a lot of work, as they continually receive applications for the validation contest.
At this moment, they are currently reviewing numerous applications from various SMEs and start-ups around Europe, their goal is to select just 12, that will each receive a 10,000 euros funding in order to test and validate UNICORNs product either using their own software or use-cases using the UNICORN framework.

But that’s just not only it! Winners will have access to the UNICORN platform and to all the resources needed for a successful validation including Cloud hosting services, and UNICORN training and examples, among others.

Moreover, they will be invited to participate in UNICORN training workshops, and their venture will be introduced to the Startup Europe entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Does all this sound good to you? then do not procrastinate! apply and join the competition and you might be one of the selected participants.

Deadline for applications is February the 28th 2019.

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UNICORN Validation contest for SMEs and start-ups: challenge yourself and explore business benefits with UNICORN

Are you developing in a multi-cloud environment? Have you experienced long hours or days that it takes to deploy your instances? Managing your services and ensuring security and privacy is your pain-point? Any other key issues you experience while designing, deploying and managing your software?

If so, UNICORN might have an answer for you ! Even more, NOW you can not only solve these problems for free, using the UNICORN platform, but also EARN money while doing so!

How? It is very simple – participate in UNICORN Validation competition, challenge yourself and find the answer to the difficulties your company faces!

UNICORN Competition

In December 2018 H2020 project UNICORN launched a contest to test and validate the UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform, The Contest is now open and ends on February 28.

It will allow the selected companies to receive 10,000 euro and to validate UNICORN between April and October 2019.  All you need to do is to fill in a short application form, explaining what products/services would you use on the UNICORN platform, providing some information about your company and letting us know what features of UNICORN you could test!

UNICORN consortium will choose 12 companies, which will receive 10,000 euro in addition to the personalised training on the usage of the platform. In addition, you will be invited to present your results in a plenary international event in November next year, as well as get personalised promotion of your company and your achieved results using UNICORN communication channels.

All start-ups and small and medium-sized companies that have experience in the development of cloud applications and DevOps methodology can aspire to this contest.

Already curious? Well, it only get’s better.. So what will UNICORN platform offer?

UNICORN benefits your business!

The UNICORN platform will allow you to configure, deploy and monitor, in an innovative way, applications in the cloud.

UNICORN’s offer lies around its three main propositions:

  • Simplifying the design, deployment and management of secure, privacy and elastic – by design – multi-cloud services by means of the development and design of libraries as well as the enabling of a continuous orchestration and automatic optimization of cloud services running on virtual instances or micro-execution containers.
  • Enabling software developers to design and develop secure and elastic applications through a cloud IDE plug-in that incorporates a set of software code annotations, validation and packaging tools
  • Eliminating source code vulnerabilities, providing continuous risk, cost and vulnerability assessment.

Wanna be first one to try these out? Then check How to apply below!

How to apply and how to find out more?

All information and UNICORN application form are available in the Contest page:

Learn more about the UNICORN in our Basic Usage Guide:
All the details explained in the online documentation of UNICORN:



UNICORN Validation contest – the word is spreading!

From Scandinavia to Spain… The word is spreading – SMEs and start-ups offering their services in the multi-cloud environment (or planning to do it in the near future) are now offered to win 10.000 euro + have a chance to use UNICORN platform to that easier and faster + receive the professional guidance from UNICORN technical mentors!

All they need to do is to apply to the UNICORN Validation Contest before the end of February! Find out more information and APPLY HERE.

If you speak Spanish, you can also check what local media has to say about the Validation Contest: JUMP HERE

If you are in gaming industry, read more in Nordic Games Newsletter HERE!

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