BioAssist SA

BioAssist offers advanced home care services for the elderly and chronic patients. By engaging the Internet of Things in every facet of human activity, BioAssist advocates that the eHealth sector is the most useful chapter in the Book of Life. Access to medical surveillance becomes a simple, direct and friendly process. Only with an Internet connection, BioAssist application saves time and money, enabling users to keep in touch with their doctor and family at all time.

Description of work to be done using UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform:

BioAssist will use the ‘HeartAround’ homecare solution to validate the UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform. ‘HeartAround’ provides innovative health monitoring and communication services which are built, deployed and operate using state-of-the-art cloud technologies; totally aligned with the project's offering.

Expected outcomes from the validation phase:

The operational processes of ‘HeartAround’ and similar applications could be considerably improved by using the tools and functionalities provided by the H2020 project's UNICORN framework, while the effort required for the transition is expected to be relatively small. The application components are stateless and already dockerized, therefore their instantiation in UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform is expected to be performed without any issues.