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LeanXcale is an easy-to-use database ready for an operational and analytic workload. Fast insertion, fast aggregation over real-time data. Full ACID. Scaling out linearly from 1 to 100s nodes. Its technology is a result of 20 years of research by some of the most brilliant minds in the database field. LeanXcale was founded under the idea of the database technical excellence, trying to sort out all the problems that enterprise databases have. This philosophy is in the LeanXcale's DNA, and it is embodied in any database aspect, being the origin of more than ten disruptive technologies.

The most important features of the UCO Platform are elasticity and privacy.

Description of work to be done using UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform:

The aim of this project is to evaluate the impact of the Unicorn Cloud Operations Platform combined with LeanXcale ́s database with replication in the cloud. The multi-cloud orchestration mechanism that UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform provides will be used to analyse the database replication different cloud providers. In order to develop this evaluation, the TPC-C benchmark will be used. This is an on-line transaction processing (OLTP) benchmark to evaluate the performance of the database simulating any industry that must manage, sell, or distribute a product or service.

Achieved outcomes:

UCO Platform helps distributing LeanXcale database as a service by automatically deploying LeanXcale on the cloud. It took around 8 mins to deploy all the nodes of an instance. Meanwhile, the development cycle time was between 1-2 hours.