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LSTECH mission is to translate raw big data into insightful analytics in a fully automated way, to empower decision makers by making analytics and data directly accessible to them and simplify business and boost profitability

A platform such as UCO can provide tangible benefits in a complex cloud app deployment. UCO at its current state provides a great foundation for a complete solution.

Description of work to be done using UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform:

LSTECH will use its product Coudnous as a Unicorn Cloud Operation Platform's microservice, with various separate components that track user traffic, acquire cloud resource usages, calculate cost attributions and visualize results.

Achieved outcomes:

Adding new features to our application is easier and faster with UCO Platform. Deployment and maintenance as well as resource management is more efficient. 

The main advantages of UCO Platformhas proved to be: faster development of complex applications; faster time to market; reusability; easier to develop new features; a good environment to quickly try new ideas.

Some useful features of UCO Platform (security-related) were not tested because they were out of scope for the chosen application.