Novatex Solutions Ltd is Cypriot SME operating in the ICT sector and also Sensors/systems/robotics. In addition, they have been involved in many local and EU research projects and proposals. Current and future projects are related to  IoT, Smart Cities, Smart agriculture /remote sensing, Environment/pollution, and Robotics. Furthermore, Novatex is also operating among other pages offering ICT services and also with electronics parts and equipment. Novatex is also a founding member of the Cyprus Association of Research and Innovation Enterprises and also one of the main supporters/sponsors of the largest robotics competition in Cyprus ROBOTEX.

Description of work to be done using UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform:

NOVATEX intends to validate the Unicorn Cloud Operations Platform for multiple purposes.Using their validation as an all in-one solution which integrates most of the technologies that they already use in their projects. To do so they will use some systems which are already deployed and compare them with UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform's capabilities. 

Expected outcomes from the validation phase:

·       Reports on metrics

·       Cloud architecture

·       Documentation to be used as paradigm for other organisations for Orchestrating IoT Edge

·       Deployments.