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Metadev is a startup based IN Seville (Spain), devoted to creating high-quality tools for software engineers. Using Domain Specific Languages and Model Driven Engineering techniques, provides tooling, services, consulting and mentoring to development teams to improve their quality and speed of delivery. The main focus of the company is on Architectures for Cloud Applications, using technologies like OpenAPI, Kubernetes, Terraform, NodeJS, TypeScript, and .NET Core.

Description of work to be done using UNICORN Cloud Operation Platform's:

To validate UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform, METADEV will use Quilin: Micro-services-based application implementing User Profile and storage for Customers Accounts. Quilin is also used to provide OAuth2 Identity Services to third-party apps compliant with GPRD.


·       Cloud Native and fully scalable

·       Portable across cloud providers

·       First of N cloud applications for Metadev

·       Evaluate UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform for internal Metadev usage

Expected outcomes from the validation phase:

·       UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform's feature evaluation

·       Pros & cons compared with other similar product in the market.

·       Measure of ease of use of the platform

·       Prioritized feature list to improve the platform