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HOP Ubiquitous (HOPU) is focused on research and development of networks protocols, security and Internet of Things solutions. HOPU is specialized scalable and advanced monitoring with different sensors combinations over our Smart Spot product line. In addition, HOPU offers customization, design, and development of ad-hoc applications for Smart Cities (urban innovation), Smart Destinations (tourism impact, crowd monitoring and citizens engagement) and Environmental Monitoring (Air Quality, Noise, Temperature, Humidity, etc.), weather stations and optimization of water irrigation for gardens. Thereby, HOPU promotes Internet of Things as the baseline technology to create Smart Environments.

UCO, thanks to its features, allows self-climbing services and the increased security.

Description of work to be done using UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform:

With HOPUs experience in the production of smart cities platforms, and with the use of UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform, HOPU will aim at validating their current deployments in key cities such as Cartagena based on FIWARE.

Achieved outcomes:

HOPU tested, validated and analyzed the scalability of the FIWARE platform
applied to the vertical of the Smart Cities. As a result of this analysis, it obtained the optimal configuration of the platform to handle all the verticals and needs that a Smart Cities platform requires. UCO, thanks to its features, allowed self-climbing services and the increased security.

In addition, UCO provided a strong protection against attacks while also observing the state of the resources of the machines that contain the deployed services.