Sirus designs an implementable IT architecture, that improves business and IT performance. Due to the growth of complexity of IT, cost and response time of IT can become unacceptable. Sirus assists you to look beyond the patchwork of systems and design a viable IT platform. Sirus also helps customers in solution architecture, so that the IT goals are effectively reached and value is created by the technical teams.


Description of work to be done using UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform:

The Sirus City Store is a smart city platform that acts as a horizontal layer. The platform integrates the vertical solutions of a city, for example, smart waste, smart mobility, air quality,  and provide one platform that acts as a data lake for the city.

For UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform, Sirus will get a lite version of the Sirus City Store running on the UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform. They aim to on testing out the elastic functionality of the platform in our specific case. Additionally, if the need to define the triggers for scaling up and down arises Sirus will also write a custom trigger for that.

Expected outcomes from the validation phase:

Docker container files for all the technologies mentioned: zookeeper, kafka, nifi, orion, mongoDb and STH Comet. These are enriched containers for the Sirus City Store.


·       UNICORN configurations to run the Sirus City Store.

·       Correctly defined scaling rules for the different technologies.

·       Measures up-and-running time for a new instance of the platform.