With over nineteen years of game development experience,  Aniway is one of the oldest game studios in Finland and part of the core of the Finnish game industry. Since its founding, Aniway has been an independent game development studio producing own IP games and client work for various media and platforms.


Description of work to be done using UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform:

Application to be used to validate the UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform

To validate UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform, ANIWAY OY will use Seasons Soup, a 2 player multiplayer game that teaches ProSocial skills and it is playable on browsers (WebGL). The game has used both Microsoft Azure back end, and back end that was developed by ATOS for the ProSocial EU project.


Expected outcomes from the validation phase:

The expected outcome is an operational version of the Season’s Soup game product using UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform back end instead of the Microsoft Azure & the ATOS ProSocial back end. This work will validate the easiness of migration, features (existing and missing), capabilities and possible bottlenecks running elastic realtime applications in UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform.