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UCO validation completed: what SMEs achieved using it?

On the 19th of November, our contest winners met again. However, this time was different.

Contrary to their first physical meeting, now their every-day work has been revolutionised by the UCO Platform! SMEs and start-ups have finally reaped-off the benefits of the Platform!

During the physical meeting, they presented their main achievements with UCO Platform and the main benefits Platform has brought to their business:

  • less time needed to move from idea to the market;
  • quick deployment of the new instances;
  • reduced costs;
  • easier avoidance of vendor lock-in;
  • reduced costs;
  • increased security;
  • high cloud service availability.

Presentations of the SMEs were followed by the final discussion between the participants and project consortium.

Curious how the day went?

See our Final Demo VIDEO HERE!


UCO Platform’s benefits for business: story from the 12 SMEs

After almost a year, 12 SMEs have completed their journey with the UCO Platform developed by the H2020 project UNICORN.
The 12 SMEs from different parts of Europe have been chosen among numerous competitors through the UNICORN validation contest Open Call. The chosen SMEs have been asked to use UCO Platform, while developing their own products, and report their feedback.
The UCO Platform is a DevOps as Service platform that aims to simplify the design, deployment and management of secure and elastic by design, multi-cloud applications. It has been tested in twelve use cases with diverse applications aiming at different sectors: gaming industry, e-health, smart cities, business coaching, etc. In all instances, our twelve validators have achieved fascinating results with the UCO Platform! And here are some of the key benefits that the twelve companies pointed out:
1. Fast deployment and shorter time to market – no more financial losses due to wasted resources and long development time! Belgian SME Sirus claimed that the main advantage of UNICORN is ‘<..> faster deploy time of a full application stack: higher level abstraction for application development enabled a faster and more reusable solution setup’. For all SMEs, it took no more than 10 minutes to deploy a new instance (e.g., for PixelRam & Aniway – only 4 min!), while Italian Inobeta claimed UCO shortened their instance deployment time from 10 to 7 min.
2. More security – UCO’s continuous monitoring increases security without any additional effort! This feature was highly appreciated by the HOPU company: ‘UCO, thanks to its features, allowed self-climbing services and the increased security. <…>UCO provided strong protection against attacks while also observing the state of the resources of the machines that contain the deployed services.’ It-labs also claimed that ‘design of the UCO Platform enables applications to better protect private and sensitive data. UCOs privacy-preserving ruling enables detection of unwanted data extraction. It allows easier securing of web-applications with standard-procedures that are automatically taken care of.’
3. Better scalability and no data loss – the Greek BioAssist claimed that UCO Platform simplified devops operations and more importantly – improved app scalability and monitoring. Meanwhile, Inobeta added ‘the particular advantage of UCO was a possibility to detect a scaleup situation during a peak time, so it can satisfy the huge traffic earlier’. LSTech was content with no data losses which appeared after increasing traffic up to 10 times!
4. Possibility to avoid vendor lock-in allows to bypass high switching costs and chose the most desired cloud service provider. Here, Inobeta claimed that ‘UCO provides an opportunity to avoid vendor lock-in and satisfy customer’s need to deploy applications on several cloud providers’. Finnish Aniway added that UCO ‘gives the possibility for cost efficiency in using the most appropriate cloud vendor at any given time’.


Learn more about the SMEs that participated in the UNICORN Validation:


Final SME workshop: cheaper, easier and more efficient development with UNICORN

‘Developing in multi-cloud environment with the UNICORN project: cheaper, easier and more efficient’ was the title of the Final UNICORN demo event which took place on the 19th of November in Brussels.
The event was composed of the two parts: the internal morning session included presentations from the 11 SMEs that successfully completed UNICORN validation and shared their experience with the project partners.
Meanwhile, the afternoon’s SME workshops hosted a number of SMEs, as well as other attendees working with the SMEs (e.g., regional representatives, EC’s DG GROW, etc.).
During the SME workshop, UNICORN solution was once again presented, as well as innovative interoperable and portable language for composing high-level analytic insights – one of the UNICORN’s engines! Finally, some of the SMEs that already used and validated UNICORN, as well as Ubitech (one of the UNICORN’s demonstrators) were given the stage to share their success stories.
The event was concluded with the networking drinks and some more of the ‘UNICORN talks’.
Following the event, all the SME success stories were summarised in our short blog article which can be checked here.


‘UNICORN innovates and benefits SME businesses’ – Third UNICORN’s SME Workshop

On the 13th of November UNICORN was one of the most visible projects among the dozens of those who were invited by CEN/CENELEC to join their ‘Standards + Innovation: Boosting Innovation Through Standards‘ conference.

Besides having its own dedicated UNICORN project space and booth, giving a short talk at standardisation innovators’ pachakucha session, UNICORN also invited participating SMEs to join its third SME workshop!

The workshop was hosted in the UNICORN exhibition area and took an unexpected format: it was a series of UNICORN presentations, given at the beginning of the conference (for the SMEs that registered in advance) and offered during the breaks for smaller groups of visitors (who were invited after they passed UNICORN’s booth). Q&As and interactive discussions followed each of the presentation sessions. This time presentations concentrated around the innovation behind UNICORN’s unique solution and the business advantages encountered by the SMEs that already tested UNICORN.





UNICORN @ CEN/CENELEC Standards + Innovation

Anyone interested in the latest innovations shall not miss the upcoming CEN/CENELEC ‘Standards + Innovation: Boosting innovation through standards’ event.

Here, you will have multiple opportunities to meet with our UNICORN team!

First of all, our Samarkhel Khan from DIN will give a short pechakucha talk presenting UNICORN’s input to European Standardisation.

If you are less into standards, but more curious how this all plays out in practice – visit UNICORN exhibition area and participate in our SME workshop. It is designed for SMEs but interesting for anyone curious what’s the innovation behind UNICORN’s unique solution. We will answer this question at 9:30 by the UNICORN’s stand. If you miss out on this one – we will have additional presentations during the coffee breaks!

No time to join the presentation? Don’t worry – pass by our booth for a minute, grab some of our communication materials and feel free to ask any questions that come to your mind. Our team will animate the booth and will be glad to meet you.

Do not forget – 13th of November, SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre, Brussels.


UNICORN Final Demo Event for SMEs: ‘Developing in multi-cloud environment with the UNICORN project: cheaper, easier and more efficient’

19 November 2019
Avenue de la Joyeuse Entrée 1, Brussels

It is estimated that among European digital SMEs, on average, each of them uses up to 6 different clouds.

However, deployment in multi-cloud environment raises the complexity of monitoring and management: such as designing secure software and ensuring customer data as well as ensuring resource scaling (elasticity). It results in higher costs and delayed time-to-market which might have a particularly harmful impact on SMEs and start-ups.
Therefore, research and innovation project UNICORN has developed the platform for cloud applications’ development which simplifies cloud application design process, shortens its time, increases developer’s productivity and ensures privacy and security requirements.

UNICORN Final Demo event for SMEs introduces Platform’s benefits to the companies. SMEs and start-ups will share their first-hand experience and business benefits they encountered when using the Platform. Meanwhile, our research team will demonstrate the innovative, interoperable and portable language for composing high-level analytic insights in the context of microservices.


Draft agenda:

14:15 – 14:40 Registration & Coffee

14:40-15:00 Welcome & UNICORN Project Presentation
Spiros Alexakis, CAS

15:00 – 15:30 Hear from your peers: start-up experience using UCO Platform
Pedro J. Molina, Metadev
Andreas Menychtas, BioAssist
Presentation of achieved results when using UCO Platform

15:30 – 15:45 Analytic insights for monitoring and auto-scaling microservices: we learned to do it easily!
Zacharias Georgiou (University of Cyprus)
Presentation of innovative interoperable and portable language for composing high-level analytic insights in the context of microservices.

15:45 – 16:00 Hear from your peers Pt.2: SME experience
Konstantinos Theodosiou (Ubitech) 
Presentation of Maestro product which utilises UCO Platform

16:00 – 16:15 Q&A session

16:15-17:00 Networking drinks

For the registration, please click HERE.


UNICORN in the 14th Scientific interdisciplinary Congress for Dialogue Marketing

Today, the 24th of September, more than 100 industry representatives, mostly from German ICT SMEs, had a chance to learn about UNICORN!
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Kölmel from Steinbeis gave a presentation titled ‘Methods of customer-centered innovation management as the basis for the personalized product (Service design based on UNICORN)‘.
The presentation was delivered at the 14th Scientific interdisciplinary Congress for Dialogue Marketing where six lecturers from different disciplines offered their insight into currently trending research topics.


UNICORN success stories @ the Second SME Workshop

On the 11th of September, UNICORN’s second SME Workshop was organised to present UNICORN and its success stories to the representatives of SME associations.

Collocated with the European DIGITAL SME Alliance’s General Assembly, the workshop attracted a number of SME associations to learn more about the UNICORN, its offer to businesses, and to be able to spread a message among their SME networks.

All participants attended the UNICORN presentation and received UNICORN “one-pagers”. The presentation highlighted UNICORN’s benefits for businesses and the first results achieved by the UNICORN SME adopters (winners of the Validation Contest). Workshop participants were also briefly introduced to the winners of the contest, while two SME success stories (Sirus and IT-Labs) were presented and analysed.

A discussion session took place after the presentations, concentrating on the issue of vendor lock-in, which was brought to the table by most of the attendees. Workshop facilitators explained how UNICORN contributes to solving this problem. An exchange of views and a Q&A took place afterward.

The workshop concluded with most of the SME associations convinced about the benefits of UNICORN: the word about the UCO Platform will be spreading among thousands of SME members!

unicorn talks

Talk UNICORN in Cyprus!

If you are in Cyprus this time around and feel like having some pizza and discussing cloud computing – visit the UNICORN talk!

On the 18th of June, 6:30 PM DGD Cyprus invites anyone interested in cloud computing (geeks, experts, students or just curious individuals) to share a drink, grab some pizza and participate in the debate called Docker Containers and Orchestration!

Thanasis Tryfonos from the University of Cyprus will contribute to the debate by running the UNICORN talk, where UNICORN solution will be presented, stressing its orchestration functions.

Find more information here: https://www.meetup.com/en-AU/GDG-Cyprus/events/261457295/


Keeping up with the #unicornwinners

One month and ten days after the first initial meeting in Alicante, Unicorn partners and winners have been very busy. To begin with, the winners have had their Pre-report completed & validated by one of the unicorn experts. In their pre-reports, the winners have elaborated on how and with which means they plan to test and validate the Unicorn platform.

Using these reports partners prepared individual pages for the winners with infographics containing which indicators each winner is planning to measure.

What is more, a few days ago the Unicorn winners got together -virtually- this time for their first online workshop. During the workshop, the status of the platform was discussed, including updates on the UI, bug fixing and the IaaS infrastructure upgrade. Following that the partners held a QnA session containing questions that were sent in advance. Last on the agenda, partners and Unicorn winners discussed some requests and issues that came up from the one month of validation.

What is next you are wondering? A 1-to-1 virtual workshop, from 24th June and 5th July. Where a 1-hour Skype session between the winner and the associated technical unicorn expert will take place. During the session, the progress in the implementation of the validation prototypes/products with UNICORN will be discussed.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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