Idea Innovation contest

Participate in UNICORN idea innovation contest and earn 10.000 €



Are you a developer, a startup or an SME developing software applications over cloud computing infrastructure? Is security, privacy, and elasticity amongst the key issues you face? Are you tired of dealing with integration complexity, service orchestration and micro-services application management when using different cloud infrastructure providers? And all of these, while trying to keep your budget under control...

We encourage you to get involved in the UNICORN platform, to discover its potential and collaborate with us in its validation. UNICORN will launch in autumn 2018 a contest, where twelve SMEs & Startups will receive 10.000€ funding each to test and validate the platform by developing their own software or use-cases using the UNICORN framework.

Moreover, you will be invited to participate in UNICORN training workshops, and your venture will be introduced to the Startup Europe entrepreneurial ecosystem.





Your startup/SME (higher size companies are excluded from the contest) should be legally established in the EU.

The software development team of your startup/SME should know about the Cloud Computing paradigm including the most well-known technologies, tools, programming languages, typical requirements for these applications, etc. It should be desirable to have experience about containers or microservices although it is not a must. In sum, you should be willing to adopt a novel Cloud Computing development platform (UNICORN) in a short time and be able to evaluate it according to your knowledge on Cloud Computing.

Your startup/SME and the responsible HUB will sign a contract where the obligations of the parts are stablished. You can access the template for it here in order to have an idea of the expected commitment (reports, participation in the workshops, among others).

Once you sign the contract, the first payment (3.000 euros) is done after successfully participating in the first workshop (around May 2019). The second one (7.000 euros) is done after the face-to-face workshop (around November 2019).

We have the interest on the result of your evaluation more than in the artefacts you will develop with UNICORN. However, the evaluation will be sounder if the context where it has been done is completed with the developed code. If the software is related to a product of your company, some parts of it to illustrate the evaluation will be enough. In case you have developed an ad hoc prototype, the complete project will be much more useful if we have complete access to it. The IPR of the developed products belong to you.

In a nutshell, the startup/SME is committed to: (1) attend the events (workshops), two virtual and one physical in a country of the EU; (2) prepare a report including the validation outcomes; (3) adopt the recommendations given by the HUBs in order to the proper achievements of objectives. You can read the template that will be used for the contract 'here' in order to have an idea of the commitment. At the same time, you can contact your preferred HUB in order to solve the doubts you may still have.



Redikod AB is a privately held Swedish SME established as a game developer in 1997.



The Cloud Incubator HUB was launched in 2011 by the UPCT to help engineering graduates create their own company.



Steinbeis Foundation was founded in 1971. Steinbeis is one of the world’s most successful providers of know-how and technology transfer.