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S5 Enterprise Data Analytics Suite*Social

The S5 Enterprise Data Analytics Suite*Social is an enterprise data analytics engine-as-a-service addressed to the needs of modern businesses to track their online presence, to understand the sentiment and opinions about their products and brands, and to distil customer needs and market trends. It is delivered as a web application offered though the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) paradigm and has been tested at single level cloud-based IaaS infrastructure. In this way, the application is offered to different customers with the use of isolated to each other containers, running in different VMs, as the use of different analysis algorithms, the volume of data retrieved as well as the scope of each project that is setup on top of the application, constitute special characteristics that result in the need to. UNICORN will allow the company to overcome the constrains dictated by the current architecture and deployment practise, as the service will move from monolithic deployments to flexible and more performant setups (both for the application itself as well as for other activities that are of supportive nature).


How is UNICORN helping?

With the help of Unicorn, the S5 Enterprise Data Analytics Suite*Social will be able to spin up and deploy new and disposable containers for each enterprise and for specific enterprise projects to perform on-demand intensive analytic jobs of different data volumes. This will not only allow S5 Enterprise Data Analytics Suite*Social to reinforce its real-time analytics processes, but also to better schedule batch/cron jobs, according to different criteria such as the accumulated data per time unit, the selected algorithm and its expected execution duration and the daily pricing schedules of each cloud provider. Regarding the continuous development of the Data Analytics Suite, the collaboration through workspace sharing offered by Unicorn ‘s IDE plugin and the continuous integration and deployment through the Unicorn platform, will help to ensure the uninterrupted performance and availability of the data analytics engine. Essentially, solving or accelerating the above-mentioned issues, the application will become more performant, while time and development and maintenance times will be significantly shorten, which constitute major cost canters for the delivery of this service