Developers and entrepreneurs show interest in UNICORN focus on cloud computing

Software developers acknowledged UNICORN efforts! They expressed their interest in the tools offered by UNICORN, and their intentions to use it, as UNICORN was presented at the third international Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (Forum) in Cyprus last November.

UCY, one of the members of the UNICORN consortium, participated in the Forum, and presented UNICORN project at the event. The Forum attracts Cypriot researchers and start-ups as well as the successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from the USA and Europe. Therefore, the feedback given at this event is particularly important for the project.

‘The overall impression of the concept of Unicorn was very positive’ – said UCY’s representative Athanasios Tryfonos. ‘Software developers are keen on using our tools in order to facilitate the whole application lifecycle management. Forum’s attendees coming from the SMEs and start-ups that are our target audience, were able to fully comprehend what Unicorn’s goal and ambition is and were interested in Unicorn’s progress’- he added.

Software developers were also very interested in Unicorn’s concepts such as security and elasticity that cause them many troubles so far.

Further discussions concentrated on similar products already in the market, and UNICORN’s competitive advantages.


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