Inobeta leads all companies that need to make their business processes more efficient. It offers customized software, for any application layer (multi appliance), designed in compliance with safety standards and able to reduce production times. Inobeta works as a partner for their customers, helping them to find and use the most strategic data available to them and covering all the business area: from project management to software developing in order to find the smartest solutions to reach their goals.

Specialized in ICT consulting, Inobeta can develop scalable web applications getting value from IoT and Big Data, in order to create cloud solutions ready for the Industry 4.0 world.

Description of work to be done using UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform:

Innobeta plans to develop a web-based application called W4TCH, a software that monitors industrial machines

In addition as a software consulting company, INOBETA also has other prototypes or other software components that they will handle with UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform in order to better explore the Platform's capabilities.

Expected outcomes from the validation phase:

INNOBETA plans to create a report that shows the trend on req/s and the application behavior on HTTP 5xx errors, and a detailed summary of w4tch’s software architecture.