Cloud Adoption Industrial Focus Group (CA-IFG) is a community of cloud computing experts, who monitor project's research and development activities, i.e. by receiving restricted results. Input of the CA-IFG is used for validation of the H2020 project's UNICORN concepts and tools, improvement of its outputs.

Our Cloud Adoption Industrial Focus Group currently consists of:

industrial focus 1

Yannis Charalabidis

Associate Professor at University of the Aegean

Associate Professor in the Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering of the University of Aegean. In parallel, he serves as Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of the University, designing and managing youth entrepreneurship activities, and Head of Information Systems Laboratory, coordinating policy making, research and pilot application projects for governments and enterprises worldwide. 


Wei Xing

Application, Integration and Migration Team Leader at the Francis Crick Institute

Wei Xing is currently an Application, Integration and Migration Team Leader at the Francis Crick Institute. In the past, among other positions he also served as Head of scientific computing/ principal Investigator (PI) at the Cancer Research UK in Manchester Institute of the University of Manchester while he also served as a Senior HPC engineer at the Institute of Cancer Research.


Antonio J. Jara

CEO at HOP Ubiquitous

Antonio J. Jara (CEO), founder of HOP Ubiquitous S.L. (, vice-chair of the IEEE Communications Society Internet of Things Technical Committee, and adjoint scientifique in the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland. He did his PhD (Cum Laude) at the University of Murcia (UMU), Spain. These PhD results present a novel way to connect objects to Internet-enabled platforms in an easy, secure and scalable way. He also carried out a MBA and entrepreneurship formation in the ENAE business school and UCAM (2012).

CTO at Inobeta

Salvatore Niglio

CTO at Inobeta

Co-founder of Inobeta SRLS, he graduated cum laude in Computer Engineering at the University of Catania, Italy (2011).He is specialized in web applications and cloud services, and he had several experiences with ICT consulting with DevOps practices, working for Italian companies designing and developing scalable Industrial IoT web applications, mainly for italian companies focused on industry 4.0, connecting industrial machines to the cloud.


Evangelos Kotsifakos

Genegal Manager at LSTEch Espana

Evangelos Kotsifakos is involved in the company's big data and cloud applications analytics and he is also managing the LSTech's European Research projects. He has a PhD from the University of Piraeus in Greece on data mining and a MSc in Information Systems from Athens University of Economics and Business. Apart from cloud applications, his research interests include online privacy, security and discrimination issues, regulation and compliance. LSTech will use UNICORN to deploy its innovative Cloudnous Application.


Andreas Menychtas

CTO at BioAssist S.A

Andreas Menychtas (PhD) is the CTO of BioAssist S.A, an SME that develops innovative commercial services in the fields of assisted living and home care. He is actively involved in the design and development of eHealth and IoT systems and applications exploiting state of the art technologies from the areas of wireless communication, mobile development, machine learning and software deployment and orchestration. Andreas holds diploma of Electrical & Computer Engineering, MSc and PhD from the National Technical University of Athens.


Pedro J. Molina

CEO at Metadev

Pedro J. Molina is the founder of Metadev S.L. a Sevilla based company devoted to create tools for developers using web-based DSLs and code generation techniques. He holds a PhD in Computer Sciences specialized in Conceptual Modeling and Code Generation for User Interfaces (Technical University of Valencia, 2003).He has published more than 20 research publications in the field, 2 books and 3 patents in the USPTO. With 20 years working in software he has experience as CTO, Research & Development, Software Architect and as a developer working for companies like Icinetic and Capgemini.Currently, Pedro J. represents the University of Seville in the OpenAPI Innitiative under the Linux Foundation.


Constantinos Loizou

CEO & Founder of Embio Diagnostics

 CEO for EMBIO Diagnostics from 2016 and holds a M.Sc. and a M.Eng. from Technical University of Crete (TUC).  He has extensive experience in circuit design and developing PCB schematics. He has worked for promoting the capabilities and advances of BERA method be contacting various partners globally (Silicon valley) and has done several presentations for EMBIO for promoting company’s vision.




Janne Ramstedt

CEO at Aniway OY

Janne Ramstedt (B.Sc. CS) is the Chief Technology Officer at Aniway.
Aniway was founded in 1999 and is one of the oldest digital game development companies in Finland.
Janne has worked with everything from low level to high level programming languages on front- and backend.
As developer and technical lead in over 100 software projects he has comprehensive experience of web, mobile and standalone development utilizing cloud technologies and services.


Güven Karakuzu

CEO at IT-Labs

Güven Karakuzu is a serial entrepreneur and a CEO at IT-Labs where he implements successful IT projects in the healthcare sector, with a focus on the care of chronically ill patients. In his career, Mr. Karakuzu has led a number of IT companies in the healthcare sector, including n:aip Deutschland and Amuzaj Vertriebs.


George Georgiou

CEO and Founder at Novatex Solutions

George Georgiou is the founder (1999) and managing director of Novatex Solutions. He graduated from the Higher Technical Institute in Cyprus as Technician in Mechanical engineering (1990). He is a mechatronics engineer with extensive experience in the fields of sensors, wireless sensors networks, automation, automated image processing, machine design, retrofitting of existing equipment, also, a specialist on analytical and medical equipment.


Mihai Gheza

CEO and co-founder at

Mihai Gheza is a CEO & Co-Founder at -  the tool that will change the way we do game design. Previously, he has worked as a game design consultant for LEGO and Nickelodeon, and in the publishing team of Blades of Brim (Analytics, IAA, UA) and analytics for Subway Surfers, while at SYBO.


Dr. Ricardo Jiménez

CEO and Co-founder at LeanXcale

Dr. Ricardo Jimenez-Peris is co-founder and CEO of LeanXcale, a startup developing an ultra-scalable SQL Operational Database with Analytical capabilities (HTAP database) and NoSQL capabilities (key-value data store). He was devoted to research how to scale transactional processing and data management for 20+ years. After a series of solutions, he found the perfect solution to scale transactional processing. This invention was filed at USPTO in 2011, after keeping it as a trade-secret for three years. He left his professor position at Technical University of Madrid (UPM) on mid 2015 to incorporate LeanXcale (a spinoff of the university) and be fully devoted to growing the company. Currently, he is also a member of the expert group on Cloud Computing advising the European Commission.


Dolores Ordoñez

Director General at AnySolution

Dolores Ordoñez is the Secretary General of AnySolution, she holds a degree in Law by Deusto University, Spain and she is specialized in European Community Law and holds an Executive Master in Innovation. Specialized in innovative strategies mainly in line with SmartCities and Tourism. She is the coordinator of the Smart Cities Working Group with the Spanish Technological Platform, es.Internet and a member of the Smart Destinations WG at the University of the Balearic Islands. She is vice-president of Planetic (Spanish technological platform for ICT) and vice-president of the international cluster of Tourism, TURISTEC.


Salvatore Niglio

Founder and CTO at INOBETA

Salvatore Niglio is the founder and the CTO at the Italian-based company Inobeta where he is focused on machine learning, Internet Of Things and Analytics. He is experienced in web development: in particular, in LAMP technologies, Apache and Mysql. In addition, he masters  Javascript, especially combined with frameworks (jQuery, Angular).


Gert De Tant

CEO at Sirus

Gert De Tant is the CEO of Sirus - software company, specialising in IoT and Cloud solutions. De Tant is a Seasoned Enterprise Architect with a strong focus on complex ecosystems like smart cities. He has been involved in desgining the architecture of different smart cities like Antwerp and Ghent. His expertise lies in the creating of IT roadmaps, tackling complex integration problems and creating solutions that help companies to innovate.


Alvaro Diaz Aguilar

R&I Director at Sinapse Energia

Alvaro Diaz Aguilar is an R&I Director at Sinapse Energia - company in energy efficiency sector. Within Aguilar's lead, the company has developed its own remote control system for radio frequency, with which it provides solutions for efficient management of electrical installations, such as public lighting systems.


Haris Spyropoulos

Managing Partner a Exoha

Haris Spyropoulos is Exoha’s Managing Partner, with accountability for sales and marketing, responsible for developing and promoting software (SAP Automation Tools, Cloud, ASP & SaaS Solutions), innovation technologies (AMR, Telcomms) and Energy Solutions. Mr. Spyropoulos combines working experience with academic knowledge (MBA (Marketing), Sheffield University, Economics and Business Adminstration, Aristotle University).

Members of the CA-IFG benefit from:

• Possibility to be the first one to test and use H2020 project's UNICORN products
• Access to the restricted project results
• Promotion and additional visibility
• Invitations to the project events, SME workshops

CA-IFG is open to:

• Representatives of digital SMEs and start-ups, • Cloud services and platforms providers, • Cloud-enabled application developers and end-user organizations; • Researchers and scientists in the field of cloud-computing; • Individual cloud experts and nerds passionate about cloud computing.

Interested? Contact Justina Bieliauskaite