UCO validation completed: what SMEs achieved using it?

On the 19th of November, our contest winners met again. However, this time was different.

Contrary to their first physical meeting, now their every-day work has been revolutionised by the UCO Platform! SMEs and start-ups have finally reaped-off the benefits of the Platform!

During the physical meeting, they presented their main achievements with UCO Platform and the main benefits Platform has brought to their business: DISCOVER THEM HERE.

UNICORN Validation Booklet is now published!

12 SMEs worked intensively to validate the UCO Platform and reap the business benefits which our platform offers. Wanna have a closer look at your peers using UCO Platform? Or just curious learning more about the Validation? 

Visit our final Booklet HERE.

Contest winners meet for the virtual workshop!

Today H2020 project's UNICORN validation contest winners connected from all parts of Europe to discuss the progress made while using UCO platform.

Their virtual meeting was meant to discuss the status of the platform, including updates on the UI, bug fixing and the IaaS infrastructure upgrade. Following that the partners held a QnA session containing questions that were sent in advance. Last on the agenda, partners and Unicorn winners discussed some requests and issues that came up from the one month of validation.

What is next you are wondering? A 1-to-1 work with our technical mentors, from 24th June and 5th July, whereby also a 1-hour Skype session between the winner and the associated technical Unicorn expert will take place. During the session, the progress in the implementation of the validation prototypes/products with UNICORN will be discussed, technical advise provided.

Check out our #winners adventures in the virtual workshop HERE.

Keeping up with the #unicornwinners

One month and ten days after the first initial meeting in Alicante, H2020 project's UNICORN partners and winners have been very busy.

The winners have had their Pre-reports completed & validated by one of the unicorn experts. In their pre-reports, the winners have elaborated on how and with which means they plan to test and validate the Unicorn Cloud Operations Platform.

You can visit their profiles on our website, where you can find more information about their products which will be used to test UNICORN, and the main indicators which they will measure! 

H2020 project's UNICORN first validation workshop in Alicante!

H2020 project's UNICORN validation contest winners gathered in Alicante for their very first workshop. During their time there, the winners presented their companies to the partners and shared how they will test and validate UNICORN's Cloud Operations Platform, and learn how to enhance scalability and cloud-based deployments. Stay tuned to follow their development in their validation journey.

Check out their adventures in the workshop HERE.

UNICORN Validation contest – the word is spreading!

From Scandinavia to Spain… The word is spreading – SMEs and start-ups offering their services in the multi-cloud environment (or planning to do it in the near future) are now offered to win 10.000 euro + have a chance to use UNICORN platform to that easier and faster + receive the professional guidance from UNICORN technical mentors!


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H2020 project's UNICORN validation contest is now open!

It is with great pleasure that today, we are officially launching the H2020 project's UNICORN VALIDATION CONTEST for start-ups/SMEs. Twelve applicants among participants will be selected and receive a 10,000 € validation contract, with which they will validate the Unicorn Cloud Operations Platform.

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