UCO Platform’s benefits for business: story from the 12 SMEs’

After almost a year, 12 SMEs have completed their journey with the UCO Platform developed by the H2020 project UNICORN. portable language for composing high-level analytic insights in the context of microservices.

Learn HERE about the main advatnages they encountered with UNICORN.

Final SME workshop: cheaper, easier and more efficient development with UNICORN

Final UNICORN demo event took place on the 19th of November in Brussels.

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'UNICORN innovates and benefits SME businesses’ – Third UNICORN’s SME Workshop

On the 13th of November UNICORN was one of the most visible projects among the dozens of those who were invited by CEN/CENELEC to join their ‘Standards + Innovation: Boosting Innovation Through Standards‘ conference.

Why and How? Read about it HERE

UCO validation completed: what SMEs achieved using it?

On the 19th of November, our contest winners met again. However, this time was different. Contrary to their first physical meeting, now their every-day work has been revolutionised by the UCO Platform! SMEs and start-ups have finally reaped-off the benefits of the Platform!

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