1st Objective

To facilitate the design and deployment of cloud applications and services by developing a security and elasticity by design framework which is independent of the underlying infrastructure and cloud deployment environment by following these steps:

By collecting the set of functional and non-functional requirements that need to be supported by UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform, translating them into solid technical requirements and (upon these) specifying the scenarios and use cases that need to be supported

By designing the UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform's Reference Architecture and specifying the core architectural components, models and the information exchange amongst them

By developing a cloud IDE plugin for security, privacy protection, monitoring and elasticity policy definition at the platform, application, component and even code segment level

By designing and implementing the set of libraries, plugins and mechanisms that allow to implement robust applications following a security and elasticity by design paradigm

2nd Objective

To improve developers’ productivity by reducing cloud application design time via code annotations and blueprints for security and portability allowing developers to focus on application core functionality. That's why H2020 project's UNICORN partners will:

By designing and implementing an application release automation mechanism that will accelerate software releases and reduce the timeframe of the application delivery lifecycle

By developing a cloud security benchmarking service that allows SMEs to see the risks and threats of their applications on various clouds, configurations and cost budgets

By designing application blueprints that will ensure security and portability by design of cloud offerings throughout their lifecycle

By developing mechanisms that support user-defined optimization strategies ensuring local and contextual Security Level Agreements (including guarantee that applications execute in a trusted environment (hardware, operating system, software layers) and ability for applications to adapt to the current security level at run-time)

3rd Objective

To prove the applicability, usability, effectiveness and value of the UNICORN project concept, models and mechanisms in industrial, real-life trustworthy services, applications and standards demonstrating and stress-testing the developed UNICORN project's artefacts, methodologies and services under pragmatic conditions against a pre-defined set of use cases

By introducing a new standard – extension of the OASIS TOSCA specification, so as to accept annotated-based policies for describing elasticity, security and privacy constraints at the application and code segment level;

By setting up an accelerator program in order to use the UNICORN Cloud Operations Platform and increase its sustainability.

By deploying and executing the applications/scenarios envisaged in the use cases and validating them in the testing environments (by the project partners);

By evaluating the performance of the deployed applications/scenarios and generating the lessons learnt as future reference for re-deployment at other pilot and/or productive sites;

By implementing continuous orchestration and automatic optimization of portable and dynamic cloud services running on virtual instances or micro-execution environments;